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Spaceprobe archives 1/2009 - 3/2009, Piloted Mars Lander, parts 7-9

Final episodes of Dr. Mark Paton's serial: Piloted Mars Lander. Previous episodes also available on the site.
Lopussa joululahjavinkki, 'Avaruusseikkailu' -tietokonepelin arvostelu

Spaceprobe archives 1/2009, Secrets of the Experiment Revealed, Part II of the success story of the NISSE

Vidar Hølland and Timo Pitkänen reveal the secrets of the NISSE.

The first part of NISSE experience also available on the pages.

Spaceprobe archives 2/2008 - 4/2008, Piloted Mars Lander, parts 4-6

Episodes IV, V and VI of Dr. Mark Paton's serial: Piloted Mars Lander.

Spaceprobe archives 3/2008, Success Story of NISSE

Gisela Baumann tells us about the development of the Nordic Ionospheric Sounding rocket Seeding Experiment (NISSE), a student project to be launched with ESA's REXUS 5 opportunity from Kiruna, Sweden..

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